This Labour Day, Let’s Commit

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May Day or International Labour Day. While many countries down south and west celebrate this day at different time of the year; in Asian countries like India, we celebrate it on 1st May, each year. Well, honestly, till a year before, this day only meant a holiday for me. A day where many people were given an off from work and a few even celebrated it in their offices. But this year’s Labour Day has absolutely nothing to celebrate for. While tons of people are forced to work from home with only 50% salary to be credited for it; there are thousands of migrant workers on road, walking miles to reach their homes. With a few belongings and some kids and elderly by their sides, I see people these workers suffering each day to reach home. Yes, this is a difficult phase, but probably more difficult for them as the future seems so unsure. Although the migrants are allowed to move to their home towns after a screening and approval; but does that really solve their problems. With no work and no food, we can’t imagine what life for them would be looking like?

Considering the hardship faced by these people who were stuck in other states due to lock-down, the government is trying their best to get the situation under control. With the Indian Railways starting a special train to help the migrant workers & students to reach home, the first such from Hyderabad has reached Jharkhand today carrying 1200 migrant workers. While this surely is a sigh of relief, the war is far from being won. We really do not know when and how this Corona Virus situation is going to end but this is sure to change the face of the world. Nothing is going to remain the same as it was before. It’s an undeniable fact that many people will be left jobless and the economic condition of the country will shake post this lock-down phase. The most affected community even then would be the daily wage workers. If there is anything you wish to gift our workers or laborers on this International Labour day, it should be security. Security in terms of finance, emotions, family and even mental security. Security, maximum to your limit and capability. Let’s move ahead of holidays, celebration bashes & wishing messages and give our workers some commitment, what we usually expect from the.