E-Book Review:- Easy Recipes From Mad’s Cookhouse

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Author: – Madhu Bindra

Pages: 26

Price: Free to download till 30.06.2020

Author: – Madhu Bindra

A food enthusiast, Madhu Bindra is a young septuagenarian who loves to cook, feed, and eat. She is
notorious for increasing waistlines and decreasing willpower. She cooks up a storm in her cookhouse and her home always smells delicious. An interior designer and an army wife, she believes food should be simple and easy to cook.


Cooking is often less complicated than it is made out to be. If you think biryani and tikkas are tough to cook, this is a book for you. Home cooking has never been this easy. As an army wife, the author have traversed the length and breadth of India. Picking up recipes along the way and
inventing a few of her own. With foodie brats at home, experiments are a way of life for Mrs. Bindra and she has very well summed them up in this book for all of us to read, learn, cook and enjoy.
She, here, have shared mixed bag of her favourite, easy to cook, recipes. Lip-smacking ones but do not require slogging in the kitchen. Recipes fit for every meal – breakfast
or dinner. And those with ingredients that are readily available in your pantry.


To be honest, I am not fond of cooking and to my hard luck, my husband is a pro when he comes to it. Now to keep up with his pace, i always hunt for new recipes that are not just delicious but easy to cook as well. Slaving in the kitchen, all day, is not really my cup of tea. And hence, this e-book acts as a life boat for me. The recipes given are not just easy and quick to prepare but also has lot of variation in terms of cuisine. From Kashmiri Yakhani Pulao to Chinise Gobhi Manchurian, this book has a dish for all your moods and days.
While all the recipes look delicious, the author has divided the in 5 sections. From Appetizers to soups, from breakfast to lunch & dinner and a hint of sides and dips, this e-book is a perfect cocktail that you wouldn’t want to resist. Cooking together is believed to bring people closer and what better than some tried and tested recipes that are sure to work for you. A great recipe book is not just about mentioning ingredients and method but also about little details that ought to make it a hit. A few things that are a must for a food author to consider is to include recipes that are achievable by a commoner, acknowledging that they must not always have the fancy equipments. Scrumptious food is desired by all irrespective of their age. A great recipe book must have all the target age group recipes covered for it to make its mark, and this book for sure does that.


Variety: – 3.5/5

Explanation: – 4/5