E-Book Review:- Ultimate Essentials

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Author: – Sundeep Ananth Dubey

Pages: 79

Price: Free to download till 30.06.2020

Author: – Sundeep Ananth Dubey

Sundeep Ananth Dubey is an avid traveler, in search for an adventure. A music lover with a masters degree in business administration, he loves intellectual conversations and travelling.
He can listen to music all day long as it is a solace for him.


This book is a by-product of Right Purchasing taking part in the #BlogchatterA2Z challenge. In this journey, the author has tried addressing A 2 Z of blog monetization. Though Blog monetization is a broader topic, this book will help you better understand the various essential facets to address in the process of blog monetization. The major issue addressed in the book is “Search Engine Optimization” famously known as SEO which is a key feature in generating organic traffic. In the chapters you can read about importance of Keyword research, Image optimization, and more. Starting from A through Z you will be able to explore various topics. The purpose of this book is to act as a guide for bloggers and a refresher for veteran bloggers in understanding the basics to make the process of monetizing easy and simple.


Being a blogger, I know the kind of effort and struggle that goes behind creating content online. No matter how easy this might look, blogging is no joke. And for a new comer, this field has a lot of technicalities involved, which can easily be confusing and hectic. While you won’t find many friends around here, there are still a few people who are ready to help you understand the ABCD behind creating an impressive blog. Sundeep A. Dubey, through this e-book has done just that. This e-book contains all the basics, one should be aware of, before you start blogging.

The author, through this journal, have given you some of the most important and valuable tips to monetize your blog in every possible manner. His tips on affiliate marketing, improving your SEO and focusing on Alexa ranking has made this book a one stop solution for all the question popping up in the minds of new bloggers.

This e-book has a lot to offer, not just for people who are new to this field but also to those who are planning to design there own website. A few insides given in this book like deciding to go for .com or .org for your website was an absolute new thing for me as well and I wish I knew all this while building mine.

So if you wish to monetize your blog and have endless questions on “how to”, this e-book is your ultimate guide.


Informative: – 4.5/5

Explanation: – 4/5