How powerful the Spices actually are.

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Spices also known as kababchini in Hindi, (taken from Urdu) were the first ever traded commodity ever made by a human being. India has been blessed with a rich land suitable to grow numerous spices that had caught the attention of many in past. It was shared, exchanged and sold to many. The addition of earthiness & warmness it brings was craved by all.

Trade Route

Arabs had the Spice trade monopoly with India considering it was valued more than gold. They were careful to not reveal their source to the rest of the world untill portugese invader Vasco Da Gama came to India, through Calicut in 1498. Which later caught the attention of French, Dutch as well as British. The demand and importance of spices have been prominent since then. It led to the cultural and commerical exchange between different nations. The impact of invaders who came in search for Spices was so huge that most part of Southern India still has the traces of Portugese and other cultures.

Changed the world map

The way we look at the world would have been completely different if the need for Spices dint compel invaders to capture and rule other Nations. The journey of Spices from Asia to Europe and further to America transformed there cuisines completely. Black pepper being one of those Spices, are used in multi cuisines extensively.

Why we must value Indian cuisine the most is not only because its inherited to us but also because of the fact that it reaches our soul. The unacknowledged bond that we share with our culture, spices & recipes are much more than just consumption of food or eating for survial. It represents joyful satisfaction, connection & a little bit of proud. A great example of this would be a returning traveler, or a home coming student from boarding school, those ones would always want to eat home made traditional Indian food.

How wonderful it is to think that something as unnoticeable as Indian Spices had the power to change the global scenario and the entire history. Believe me it is still protecting the health of millions of us sitting in a corner shelves of our kitchen.