How Earth was created in 6 Days.

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The book of Genesis, chapter 1, (Hebrew Bible), tells how the Earth was created in 6 days.

Day 1

In the beginning god created heaven and Earth. Looking at the Earth void and dark, He commanded for light and it appeared, and suddenly the Earth was filled with warmth. He divided it from the darkness and called light “The day” , and darkness “The night”.

Day 2

The second day he created firmament. The barrier between Earth and Heaven. He divided the waters of Earth from the waters of heaven by creating a firmament and filled the crust of Earth with Atmosphere full of gases and air.

Day 3

The third day, God divided the water of Earth and made the dry land appear. Waters he called “Seas” and the land was crafted beautifully to feature mountains & hills, slopes & heights.

He made the land yield grass, and trees full of fruits, and put forth the seeds to grow; blessing them to multiply and grow. To Land he made green and Water with numerous shades of blue.

Day 4

The fourth day he fixed two major lights in the firmament. A larger one to shine upon in the day and a smaller one for the nights. He also filled it up with tiny stars and had set them to bring forth the change of season.

Day 5

The fifth day, with a lift of hand pointing towards the seas, god created the great whales, the tiny fishes and the sea life; while blessing them too to be fruitful and multiply. The silent water was suddenly filled with the movements of movable life beneath.

Day 6

The moving life on the land was the next. He created cattle, creeps and the beasts of land and blessed to multiply on there kinds.

To the man, that was Male & female, he gave the dominion over cattle, creeps and all the sea life. He was different from anything that God had created for the almighty gifted Earth to him as its home and for him to grow and fill.

Each was given its seeds of the greens and meat to eat. For that would be essential for them to survive.

Standing on the firmament, He looked and smiled at its finished work, for it turned out something that was beyond the dream. A creation so beautiful, scenic and colorful that could even made the heaven jealous.

The Sabbath

Sabbath is the seventh day of week, which was blessed and sanctified by God to take rest. The day to bear fruit of the labor.

Isn’t it wonderful to know why we work for 6 days a week and rest on the seventh day?

Now you know.