Annotating Royal Fashion Mysteries

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The word is a mysterious place but is fashion any less? Not really. Ever since we know about it, there are so many secrets and mysteries behind every fashion move taken. And when it comes to the British Royal Family, there are numerous such enigmas. So, why not crack a few today?

Panty Hose and Heels, still aren’t slippery?

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It isn’t hidden that royals often (almost always) where panty hose while stepping out in public wearing a dress. Though it is not a written rule for the royals, it is often followed as a respect to the queen. But for all those who know the struggle of a panty hose with heels would understand the difficulty of the game. So, how does it seem to be such an easy drill for the royals? The secret is the silicon pads attached. Most of the royals, like Kate Middleton wear panty hose with silicon padding that not just gives them a grip on the heals but also makes it super comfortable for them to walk around. 

Net Those Hair

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You think of royals and the first thing that strikes are their perfect hair dos. While they often spot beautiful buns with some extravagant hats, the bun game is usually protected with an invisible hair net. While it’s difficult to keep the hair in good share all throughout the event, especially the long one where you need to travel too, hair net definitely comes to their rescue. They not just hold the hair in share but also maintain a neat look all-round the day. 

The Hemline Saga

A wind-malfunction can happen to anyone, including the royals. So, is actually done to avoid such embarrassments? It’s simply having your homework ready. Royal women often opt for heavy fabrics and fitted silhouettes to avoid such windy embarrassments in public. Also not to be missed are the hemline weights used under the dresses with lighter fabrics and flary cuts to keep the dignity of the dress put.   

Fight Flyaway with a Toothbrush

So, if the bun is secured by the hair net; what about the flyaway? Well, the Royals know the art rights. To manage the loose and baby hair, the ladies often spray a generous amount of hair spray on a toothbrush and brush the loose hair gently to settle them without loosing the natural and nude look. This trick can also be used while spotting a pony tail or even loose hair. 

Accessories with a secret 

Since the royals are supposed to behave in a certain manner while being in public, they still have discovered some ways of communicating without the use of words. It’s simply with the use of their accessories. While Princess Diana was famous for her cleavage clutches (clutch bags used to prevent much reveal), the Queen uses her bag to communicate. A switch of the bag from one arm to another symbolizes her will to end the event, while her bag on the floor symbolizes her wish to be rescued from the conversation. Her bag resting on the seat is a great sign for her will to continue with the conversation and the placement of the bag on the table indicates you to end the meeting in 5 minutes. 

From bags to colors, from belts to broaches, these ladies know it all when it comes to conveying their message in silent words.

Being a Royal might seem to be a blessing, but it definitely comes with numerous mysteries beyond fashion. Till we explore them, dig in to the above mentioned and see what you would like to adopt.

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