Baffling Mystery of Nature

Nothing is more mysterious than Nature. From its origin to its frame, from its height to its depth; we practically don’t have an answer to any of its WHY, WHERE and HOW? Yet knowing about them is what I love doing. So here are some of my favorite picks from the mystery of Nature.

Singling Sand

Some sand dunes sing haunting melodies. Well, not literary. Some sand dunes at Al- Askharah, Oman, Morocco & even at Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve make a vibration like sound when moved and even otherwise. While many finds is extremely strange, it is said by a few that sound emission may be caused by wind passing over dunes or by walking on the sand. Whatever it might be, people and scientist have still not surely giving a reason to its WHY.

The Fall That Falls Nowhere

River doesn’t stop. It just flows and finds its own way. But what if I tell you that it suddenly disappears? Will you believe it? After reading this, you might. Judge C. R. Magney State Park, located on scenic Minnesota State Highway, 40 km from the Canada–United States border is best known for “The Devil’s Kettle”, an unusual waterfall located on the Brule River. Around 2.4 km from its mouth, the river splits into two forming 2 water falls. While the eastern one goes over a two-step, 50-foot waterfall and continues downstream, the Western one falls into a pothole and disappears. For years people and hydrologists have been trying to find the exit, yet they still aren’t successful. From throwing ping-pong balls to colored substances, they have tried it all, yet the mystery stands unsolved. 

Jatinga Valley, Bird’s Bermuda Triangle

jatinga valley assam: know about mysterious jatinga valley known for bird  suicides | Navbharat Times Photogallery
Image:- Navbharat Times

Believe it or not, the birds to have a Bermuda triangle, which is Jatinga Valley, a small village and the only hill station in the state of Assam, India. During the post monsoon months of the year i.e. in the months of September and October with moonless and foggy nights, birds drop dead from the sky between 7pm to 10 pm. Some consider it an evil attack and some suspect it to be a mysterious alchemy of earth and sky. Whatever it is, the fact remains that the area witnesses hundreds of such incidents in these months.

The Crooked Forest

Crooked by nature, these trees define every bit of it. West Pomerania, Poland is a weird wonderland of some 400 pine trees grown in an oddly shape. While the curved pines are surrounded by straight one, it still remains a mystery for these 400 pines to be in this shape. Some consider it to a human act while some blame the wind, but the actual fact still remains unknown & mysterious. 

So, the next time you visit or witness a mystery set by nature, do share the same and we’ll add that to the list. And till you visit these weird places, enjoy the virtual feel of it.