Decoding The Secrets of Home Décor

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Everyone has his/her own way for decorating their home. But how does it happen that some homes appear to be much more attractive that the others? That is simply because there are some home décor secrets that aren’t cracked by all. While we all know some basic rules like dark makes a room look small or less is more, there still are some undisclosed tricks that will change your home décor game.

Tall Furniture to Fake Higher Ceiling

13 Ways To Make A Room Seem Taller
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Having multi storey building these days have become a trend. While we still witness a few bungalows or single storey buildings, in cities like Mumbai and Delhi, high rise buildings act as survivors. So, what is it that gets affected the most? It’s the height of the ceiling for each floor. Since a certain height is what is approved by the government for a project, especially with a private residential one, one has to compromise on the height of the ceiling to achieve an additional floor.  Hence, in most such homes or offices, you would find low ceiling height. So, what can be a possible solution. One of them is to have tall furniture. Having tall book shelves and sleek tall lamps helps create an illusion of a higher ceiling. This tip might not be told to all but experts often use it to make the space look bigger (in this case higher). 

Change Should be Constant

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Changes are a part of life and so should be of your interior. Just like your wardrobe, the interior of the house should also have a reflection of the season. Try and include some natural substances to your interior to achieve the look. Adding fresh flowers in summers or some quirky knitted showpiece in winters would give you just the right feel. It is also important to understand that your home needs a regular update for the visitors to find a new hot spot each time they visit your nest. 

Have a Bar

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Before all you, non-alcoholic, people spam me for this; hear me out. A bar is the lifeline of a party. Alcoholic or non-alcoholic, whichever category you may fall under, it is always advised to have a small bar at your place. Having a separate counter or place for your drinks not just makes the entire process quite easy but also lifts up the décor of your house. So, whatever concept you have; a modern décor or a farmhouse feel, frame your bar accordingly to boost the look of your living room. 

Quirkiest Pieces are the most affordable

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Have you ever observed that the most attractive and unique piece of any home décor is something that you wouldn’t ever have considered to put it on display? From Deer Horns to painted Metal Chains, I have honestly seen some of the most unique ideas that helps in lifting the look of the room to another level. Try to add a unique element to your space by simply knowing the art of styling. A simple DIY project and sometimes even without that, you can add a life to your home by simply thinking out of the box.

Create Illusion

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Creating illusion in a room can change the entire look of it. Having a large plain wall might give your living room a dull and unfinished look, making it look bigger and empty. Choose a large artwork for the wall and I promise you would need nothing much to cover up your large space. 
Similarly, use low light setting, monochrome furniture and mirrors to make a small room appear bigger. It is important to understand the art of right placement and especially when it comes to designing your home.

I hope you enjoyed the revealing of some tiny secrets from the Home Décor Saga. And if you have any such hidden secret, do share with us in the comments below. 

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