Enigma of Human Body

There is a science behind everything. We have heard that and we all do believe that. While scientist, from decades, have been busy finding a reason behind every WHY, there are still some unsolved mysteries. And we do not really have to go too far into the universe, these very well are present within us. Yes, I am talking about human body. While medical science has come a long way to know most about it, through deep studies and hi-tech machines, there still are some questions that are unanswered till date.

Q.1: – Why Do we Dream?

Vitamin B6 found to aid dream recall, and potentially enable lucid dreaming
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As soon as I put this question, the most common answer I receive is “Your brain reflects the images of what you have been thinking all day”. I’m quite sure, just like me, even you might have got this kind of reply from someone or the other. But is that really true? No one knows. Scientists till date do not have a proved answer to Why Do We Dream or What Purpose Does It serve? So the bottle line is that we spend almost one third of our life doing something (dreaming) that serves no good purpose (well, at least it haven’t been proved yet). 

Q.2: – Why do we Yawn?

English Learner's Word of the Day: yawn - Learner's Dictionary
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I have been yawning since the very first hour of my life; well I guess all of us have been. But have you ever thought the reason behind it? Well! Don’t think hard, because that still remains a mystery after years of research. There have been studies that suggests yarn to regulate body temperature while feeling sleepy or tired, yet no one still has a sure answer to this question.

Q.3: – Why Do we Have Dominating Hands

Australian study identifies new genes linked with being left-handed
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Confession Time: – I did try writing with both the hands simultaneously after watching “3 Idiots” and to be honest, I felt like the 4th one.
Since forever, we have been identifying each other as lefties or righties to the extent that we didn’t even raise the question as to why is it this way. Have you ever thought that why is it that our hands do not have equal powers just like our legs or eyes or any other twin body parts? Well! For those who have, the answer still remains a mystery. 

Q.4: – Why Do we Have Different Blood Groups?

Blood Types: What They Are and Why They Matter
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We all that 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 kidneys, 1 nose and all of that. When everything amongst most of us (humans) are common, why is it that we all have different blood groups? Some are universal donors and some are gainers and each blood group type have its own ability to fight certain infections. While scientists have been successful in discovering all of this, the center point still remains a mystery “Why Different Blood Groups?”

Q.5: – Déjà vu

Deja Vu @ The Horse Shoe, Crewe
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We all, at some point in life, have experienced déjà vu, where the event happing feels familiar, as if it has happened before. While many people, through hypnosis, MRI and all possible means have tried to figure out the exact reason of it, we still aren’t too sure in giving you a reason for “This has happened before”.