On Route:- Mysterious Places of India

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“India is a country of mysteries.” Well, it won’t be completely wrong if I say that. From religion to the prayer homes, we have a hidden mystery around everything; well, most of the things. So, how can we not have mysterious places in India? Talking you to the trip of a few.

Mini Desert of Talakad, Karnataka

Image Source: – Karnataka.com

Now, when I say desert, most of you would think of Thar or Kutch, but what if I say that we have a desert on the banks of a river? Isn’t that shocking? But some truths are stranger than fiction. Mini desert of Talakad, in Karnataka, is a strange place to be filled with sad on the banks of a fresh water river. There are stories that suggest a lady named Allemelamma, in the 16th century, cursed the king of Mysore “May Talakadu be filled with sand, let Malangi become whirlpool and Mysore Kings shall not have children”. Now how much truth does the story hold is what I leave up to you to guess.   

Roopkund Skeleton Lake, Uttarakhand

Image Source: – Wikipedia

A lake with skeletons. Yes, you read it right. The mysterious lake of Uttarakhand contains skeletons of over 200 people that are visible at the bottom of the lake when the ice in it melts during the worm months. It has been suggested by the scientist that the bones belong to people from the 9th century who might have died due to a hail storm. Now while that has given the mystery a direction, the immersion of bones from the lake still sounds super horrifying. 

The Twin-Town, Kodinhi

Image Source:- Unknown

A small village in Kerala, Kodinhi is a mysterious place that has kept the science geniuses puzzled for years. While India has world’s lowest rate of twin birth, Kodinhi itself has the highest rate in the world. Isn’t that strange? There have been numerous research by national & international team of genetic researchers, trying to find the answer to this bizarre phenomenon of so many identical twins in the town, the answer still remains a mystery. And it is not just the residents of the village, but also the women from the village who relocate from the village after getting married are also said to be blessed with twins. Now is it the water of the village or the air, we really can’t say, but if you wish to conceive twins, you know where to go (Just Kidding). 

Floating Stones of Rameshwaram

The Mystery of floating stones of Rameshwaram you should know
Image Source:- Unknown

The mystery of the floating stones of Rameshwaram has been existing for years. While these stones are only found at the coastal parts of Rameshwaram, it is amazing to know that each stone weighs somewhere between 10 to 20 KG yet do not sink in water. There are a few archeologists who compared these stones with the pumice stone, a kind of volcanic stone that floats in water. While if we do agree to that, there seems to be no volcano, active or dead, anywhere near Rameswaram from where the stones might have born. Also, the weight of these stone isn’t less as the pumice stone, which definitely adds to the mystery. 

Natural Mummy of Sangha Tenzin, Gue Village, Spiti

Image source:- Unknown

If the Egyptian mummies amaze you, you probably haven’t visited the village of Gue in Spiti. Just 9KM from the Tibetan border is a small, box shaped structure where you find a 500 years old mummy. Now what’s amazing about this mummy is the very fact that it isn’t wrapped or preserved by any medicinal herb or paste. Instead, the mummy is just protected by a thin glass frame to exempt people from touching it. The remains are said to be of a 15-century Buddhist monk where the darkened-taut skin, head of hair & his teeth are well preserved and visible. An earthquake in 1975, helped people discover the mummy after the stupa that was housing the mummy collapsed. Now isn’t that