Palaeontologist’s Biggest Mystery:- Dinosaurs

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While our scientists, archeologists and the modern technology have made it possible for us to dig into the past and know quite much about it. But do we really know it all? Well, can’t say about “all”, but we certainly have a few mysteries around the dinosaurs that have remained unsolved till date.  

Origin of Dinosaurs

Dinosaur eggs hatched slowly like reptiles, not birds: Study | Technology  News,The Indian Express

“Did we have the egg or the dinosaurs first?” Just like the hens, we have the same question prevailing for the Dinosaurs. While the scientists have been successful in known about the existence of the dinosaurs, their origin still remains a mystery. Most scientists believe that these prehistoric reptiles arose around 230 million years ago, but the how to this mystery is still unsolved.


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While we have been able to know a lot about the dinosaurs in the last few decades, palaeontologists still are keen on finding the new facts. One of such topics is the mating procedure of the dinosaurs. While we have successfully understood that just like most replies, female dinosaurs laid eggs numerous eggs, but the mating process of the dinos are still unclear with the palaeontologists. There have been several stories and reports on the same, where none of them have actually authenticated. 

Poikilothermic or Homeothermic Animals?

Dinosaurs performed dances to woo mates, according to new evidence |  Dinosaurs | The Guardian
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Palaeontologists for years have been trying to solve the mystery of dinosaurs being poikilothermic or homeothermic animals. While a few studies suggest that the dinosaurs were mesothermal, where they adjusted the temperature of their body to a metabolically favourable temperature as per the requirement.  Now the authenticity of this is still debatable.


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Yeah! most of you would say that the dinosaurs died due to the commencement of the ice age. And yes, you won’t be completely wrong in saying that but the palaeontologists aren’t as sure as you. There also have been theories of an asteroid striking the planet, resulting in the global ecological changes and volcano eruption on Earth. Now while the theory might sound interesting, it still has to explain as to how an asteroid affected the entire planet and made the non-aviation dinosaurs a history.