The World War 1 and It’s Difficult Conundrums

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The world today is in a state of war; a war that is been fought by each one of us. A war that is not against a person or a country but actually against an invisible enemy; a virus. Thinking about the wars often take me down to the first world war and make me wonder about the unsolved mysteries around the same. So, let’s talk about 3 of the unsolved mysteries (amongst the numerous ones prevailing) that make me wonder till today. 

The First Shot

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Wouldn’t it interest you to know who actually took the first shot? While most people consider Australia to have fired the first shot on August 5th, 1914 in Melbourne, it apparently turned out that the first scrimmage took place around nine days earlier, on July 28, couple of hours after Austria-Hungry declared a war against Serbia. It is also said that a young soldier, about 20 years old then, Ernest Edward Thomas was the first person to be first in action and fire. However, the mystery around the first shot still remains dark. 

The Lost Treasure of The Tstar

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It was in the early 20th century that the Royal Family of Russia was facing numerous troubles. From the shadow of the World War to growing discontentment amongst the people of the region, it wasn’t going easy for them and hence a strong decision was taken. With the intention of protecting the national assets, Tsar Nicholas II ordered a huge amount of nation’s gold to be hidden which is estimated to be of more $60 billion today. While it has been said that in the interest of the safety of the treasure, Tsar ordered to execute the people who hid it on an immediate basis, keeping the information of the treasure safe to himself. But when Tsar and his family were killed in 1918, the secret too died with him and even after more than 100 years, the treasure remains safe where it is.  

The Ghost Ship of WW1

Authorities Spot A 'Ghost Ship' Before Learning The Dark Reality About Its  Missing Crew
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A large flatboat, sailing between England and France was Zebrina that was deployed to trail coal during the war times. The barge that had to reach to the port, was found abundant at the Rozel point in France, while the crew was to be found no where till date. While many speculations around an ocean storm or an enemy attack were made, the immaculate condition of the boat didn’t really support the guesses. So what actually happened with Zebrina and the crew members? Well, we really don’t know.