Mystery Of Mona Lisa

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Mona Lisa. The name isn’t new to us; any of us. For years, generations have been the admirer of the adorable portrait of Mona Lisa and her captivating smile. This half-length portrait pained by the Italian artist Leonardo Da Vinci, is considered to be the most visited, the most talked about, written about & search about piece of art in the world. While we know a lot about the portrait, there are some hidden secrets to it that aren’t known to all.

Was Mona Lisa Pregnant?

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After 100s of years of this mesmerizing piece of art was analyzed, researchers from France & Canada suggested that the lady in the portrait by Da Vinci was wearing a Guarnello, a veil that was worn by a soon-to be or a new mum during the Italian renaissance. It was with the help of the modern-day laser technique that the researchers were able to study the painting in a 3D form and hence came up with this analysis.

Was Mona Lisa a Prostitute?

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It was often suggested by some researchers for Mona Lisa to allegedly be a prostitute. Since the portrait shows no visible eye brows and eye lashes of the lady, which during the Italian renaissance was something that the prostitutes followed, Mona Lisa was often considered to be a prostitute until a research came forward were the HD image of the portrait revealed a brush stroke at the eye brow area, revealing the Da Vinci had painted the beauty feature of the lady, which during the course of time faded. 
The open hair of the lady in the painting was also a key reason for the researchers to bring up the angle prostitution as the royal ladies in those times were never seen with hair open loose. However, a study later indicated the hair of the lady in the portrait to be tried up loosely in a low bun. 

Is Mona Lisa Actually da Vinci

Mona Lisa: Leonardo Da Vinci may have had a condition that prevented him  from finishing Mona Lisa - The Economic Times

One of the most talked about and unsolved theory around Mona Lisa’s portrait is actually the question around her identity. While many propose Mona Lisa to be Lisa Gherardini, wife of a Florentine silk merchant named Francesco del Giocondo, there are a few who doesn’t even consider her to be a woman at all. Many theories in the last few days have popped up by some historians suggesting that Leonardo Da Vinci might have been a homosexual and the portrait might be his prediction of him being a woman. A team lead by professor Giorgio Gruppioni have also proposed to dig the skull of Da Vinci before recreating his face through technology and match it with the portrait; a proposal that obviously wasn’t/ haven’t been approved, leaving the identity of the lady a mystery till date.