Yearn for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

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The busy airport of Kaula Lumpur and Boeing 777-200ER, operated by Malaysian Airlines was ready to take-off for its destination in Beijing, the rush at the late hours of night at the airport was a routine. MH370 that took off at 12:41 AM local time on 8th March 2014 never made it to its destination. While we all have heard about plane crashes and mis-happenings, the mystery of the Malaysian flight 370 is here to give us goosebumps.

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The flight that had 227 passengers on board along with 12 crew members, made its last communication with The Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) at around 1:07 am before air-traffic control lost contact with the plane, before entering the Vietnamese airspace. The air-traffic controller Kuala Lumpur Center radioed the need for the pilots to Ho Chi Minh, before signing off for the night. The pilot responded to the signing off yet never contacted Ho Chi Minh. Just 5 seconds after the plane entered the Vietnamese airspace, the symbols representing its transponder dropped from the monitor of the Malaysian Air Traffic controller. It was at then at 1:30 am that Malaysian Military & Civilian Radar began tracking the plane before they cost the control over the plane at 2:22 am over the Andaman Sea. A satellite in the geostationary orbit was then receiving hourly signals from the plane over the Indian Ocean when they last heard from them at 8:11 am. 

The Mystery surrounding MH370 has been one of the biggest in the history of the aviation industry.

It was at around 6:30 am, by when the plane was supposed to land at Beijing, that the search for MH370 began in the South Asian Sea. It was after days of investigation that the investigation team revealed the last track of the plane. Soon after the second radar lost control over the plane, MH370 turned sharply to the southwest, flowing back across the Malay Peninsula. Banking at the island of Penang, it the it flew northwest up the Strait of Malacca, crossing the Andaman Sea and vanishing for the world forever.

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While the situation and investigation weren’t similar to any of the hijack or accident cases happened before, the investigation of the missing MH370 was tough from the very beginning. It was after more than a year that the first piece of refuse i.e. the right wing flaperon was found by the Australian authorities in July’2015 at the beach of a French Ishan known as Réunion. 26 more refuse were found over the next few months where 3 of them were positively confirmed to be belonging to the lost plane. While the investigation by-far doesn’t show a possible sign of intentional decent, the mystery of what happened on board MH370 stands unsolved.