Zone of Emotions:- Brain

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This is the last blog of the month around the topic Mystery. While we covered so many topics and places that are mysterious, the last one had to be the most special. And it is..

The Mystery of Human Emotions. 

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Feelings: – love, hate, compassion, anger, anxious and many other. Feelings are a part of our life, our personality, a part of being human. While many people associate the feeling to our thoughts, that really doesn’t do justice to the question around our feelings. It is mostly our emotions that drives the behavior of our body, isn’t it? Our love for someone and anger for the other can easily be judged by our behavior. So then, why and how do we develop these emotions?


Our brain is formed with more 100 billion cells that are addressed as neurons which create trillions of nerve connections. While this complex system of our body has been studied by the doctors and scientists for years, the mystery of human emotions still remains a mystery. Our emotions, somehow, are the reason for our behavior. While we do understand that the brain gives the body signals to react and we, hence, react according to that; what we do not understand is that which part or system or nerve or cells of our body are actually responsible for generating emotions in us. While there have been studies that shows the limbic system of our brain to be responsible for our emotions, and that the amygdala that rests in the system controls our emotions, it still goes without explanation that why do we have different levels for the same emotion? Our love for our partner or child would be way too much than our love for our friends or another family member. The question of how and why do we have different levels of the same emotion is unanswered till date. No matter how much we try, controlling our emotions is probably the most difficult, if not impossible, thing to do for a human being. So, till we solve the mystery of our brain, enjoy the complex yet most powerful and beautiful reactions of our body “Emotions”.