Inner Feelings: – E-Book Review

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Author: – Cindy Ann D’Silva

Pages: 40

Price: Free to download till 30.06.202

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Cindy Ann D’Silva is a blogger, influencer, content writer and a belly dance instructor. Prior to this, she had a full-time job and sang with a band & choir in Kuwait, where she was born and bred. Currently, she resides in Bangalore with her husband and two kids.

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Inner feelings are something some of us don’t recognize, or probably are afraid to address, or think it’s wrong if we feel a certain way.
Inner feelings come, inner feelings go, some we need to talk about and some we need to conquer. But, once we accept them and understand them, only then can we decide how to handle them.
If we are shown how to understand and accept our inner feelings, right from a young age, we could probably get through life more easily, especially when people and things around us change ever so quickly.
This is apt for those who wanted to understand their inner thoughts through short and crisp passages.
Warning: Do not read in a hurry, take your time and read it, feel it and absorb it!


As the title suggests, the book is all about emotions & feelings. ‘Inner Feelings’, being the first E-Book despite by the author has been successful in tickling all your inner-hidden feelings. When it comes to describing love, fear, negativity, apprehensions and various feelings, it is quite difficult to craft the write-up in a way where the reader is forced and glued to the book, feeling all the described emotions simultaneously. And I totally appreciate the author for successfully doing that. 
While there might be many points where you would totally relate to the author, my favorite part of the book was where the author talks about Passion. “All my life, I thought that having a passion for a particular thing is wrong”. Just like this chapter of the book (on page 31), my story starts with the same line as well. It’s is the beauty of the powerful writing of the author that every page that you read feels as if was written for you. 
Read the e-book and you’ll know what am I talking about. 


Narration: – 4/5
Audience Connect:- 4/5
Entertainment:- 4.5/5