B- Budget Your Decor

You might have spent loads on the construction of your home, but what turns out to be the most expensive is the decor. Decorating your house is a fun but expensive job. While your construction is a one-time investment, decor needs to be regularly updated. Hence, it becomes extremely important to have and stick to a budget.

When deciding on the decor of a place, one of the primary aspects to decide on is the budget. Having an estimated budget and sticking to it makes your journey not just easy but sorted in terms of picking the right product.

Here are a few of my tips that might help you set up a decor budget for your home that allows you to create the space of your dream.

How to Set Up a Decor Budget

Make a Wish List

To commence any job, it is crucial to make a list of your needs & desires. Do not restrict your imagination at this stage. Collect references & images of whatever you like without thinking of the cost at this point. Having a list handle not just helps you at the time of purchasing the right thing but would also give you room to experiment with new things and ideas. From wallpapers to colour, from furniture to art pieces, list whatever you feel good about.

Plan Your Decor

After you have listed all you need, it’s time to move around the place and understand the decor of each room or area. Divide your home into sections. This would help you cater to all the parts individually without messing up things. Understand the need of the area and make a rough decor plan. (Please note that we here are only talking about the decor and not the interior design.) Once done, you now will have a rough idea about what you need from the list and what can be tossed for the time being.

Have A Budget Planned

You cannot go out shopping without deciding on a budget for the same (Unless you belong to the Ambani, Tata or Adani family). Discuss amongst each other and make a rough estimate of the money you are willing to spend on the stuff. Try to keep yourself as tight as possible. The markets will always force you to spend more. Hence, it is advisable to keep a little room for extra. Set an upper limit for your self but try to close your deals much below that. This technique always works if your desires are more expensive than your pockets. Having a red line and then the upper limit on the budget will help you prioritise your purchase.

Compare Before You Purchase

Comparison shopping is a smart thing. Unlike what people in India consider it to be, comparison shopping doesn’t make you a miser. It shows how valuable your money is to you. Try going out for window shopping before you plan to buy the stuff. This would not just familiarise you with the latest trend and stuff in the market but also give you an idea about the actual cost of stuff.

Prioritise Your Purchase

The best way to stick to your budget while shopping is to prioritise your purchase. Pick only the essentials first even if you come across the other stuff initially. No matter what your budget is, you will never be able to pay for everything in one go. Hence, pick stuff that is the need of the hour. Accept it or not, you would never be able to complete your home decor in one go. And even if you are lucky and wealthy enough to do that, your home decor would need a regular updating. Hence, pick the much needed first and you may gradually add the other stuff.

Some Budget Friends Picks For Tour Home

  • Add fresh plants
  • Opt for thinner rugs. They are budget-friendly and easier to maintain.
  • Add customised quotes to frames. This would cost much lesser as compared to the ones available on the market.

This blog is a part of my Home Décor series for April under the #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge.