C- Curate Your Clutter

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Redecorating your home can be a fun yet hectic task, for it is a never-ending process. As mentioned in my previous post, decorating your home must never stop, for you will always have a scope for improvement. And if not, you most definitely need to refresh your decor with time. Decor trends keep coming in and out during the year, and we try to cope with them. In this process, we often toss a few items that end up in our storeroom or are placed randomly somewhere.

When redesigning your home, it is important to clean and declutter to give the room some breathing space. Curating the clutter not just helps you get rid of the unwanted but also may sometimes give you an idea to use the stuff in some other corner.

It was a few years back that I found my grandma’s sewing machine in the storeroom. What otherwise was a waste for us came out to be a quirky home decor piece. We cleaned the machine and placed it in a corner with some other decor pieces. We added a display mat underneath to segregate the corner.

When decorating your home, never underestimate the power of old artefacts. Taking a roundup of some of the top home decor stores has made me realise that we are now forced to pay for the stuff that we had in stores before we tossed them for being old enough to be displayed.

The idea here is not to take away the old before getting in the new. It is about understanding the aesthetics of your home and trying to find what fits in. Once done, you then will have a fair idea of what to keep and what to bid adieu to.

You may also use these techniques to organise your art pieces in a neat manner to bring a pleasant visual effect.

Colour Co-ordinate

When you have too many pieces displayed in one place, try to segregate and organise them according to their colours. This technique works the best when organising your books help. Colour co-ordinating the books gives the space a neat look while adding some quirky pieces would enhance the display.

Play with the Sizes

When you plan to display too many pieces in a particular area, the best way to sustain their essence is to play with their shapes. Places the pieces of different sizes together and remember to not overdo it. Having shelves gives you space to display more stuff but it also adds up the responsibility to keep it simple and clutter free.

I would just end up by saying that we all have a unique sense of decoration. While yours may be modern or classic, less is more is what works for me the best. Go by your instinct when designing your home. Just remember to keep it clean and clutter-free. Happy decorating.

This blog is a part of my Home Décor series for April under the #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge.