E- Experiment with Elements

Homes that are crafted with love are often a reflection of their preferences and personality. Each home narrates a different story and a beautiful one. But what makes it even more adorable is the personal touch that you give to it.

When decorating our homes, we often try to play safe and not experiment with styles, shapes and patterns. It has been seen that many people are hesitant of playing around with the decor. So, here are a few things to keep in mind while working on the elements of your home.

Big Or Small

Uniformity in home decor is not to my taste. Working with different proportions has the power to transform your place completely. The contrast in elements won’t just add drama to your room but also make it look clutter-free. When you add different height elements to a space, each of them tends to get their individual attention and hence doesn’t look cluttered.

When you plan to decorate your home, never be afraid of buying big accessories, furniture or lights. When you add small pieces to a space, you tend to add more to accommodate the space and hence the area ends up looking chaotic.


Patterns in a modern home set-up or a traditional one; speak aloud for themselves. Adding partners to a room lifts the visual aesthetic of the room. Markets are flooded with different patterns like floral, geometrical, and abstract, that may come through a wallpaper, furniture or rug. Styling them is the key. Creating harmony in your design is what makes your room stand out.


While choosing the right colour for a room may seem to be difficult, it surely makes a huge difference. While most people in India prefer white over other colours, the craze for other brighter colours amongst the designers cannot be ignored. When not using wallpaper, you may opt for bright colours to lift the room. And if you, just like me, are fond of the classic white walls, you may add some colour to your room through its decor. Opting for quirky furniture, paintings, and rugs could brighten up your room by adding colour.

When playing around with colours, always remember to break the monotony. do not add the tones of one colour only. Let’s the room have a prominent colour but also add some other colour elements to break the pattern. For instance, if your room has blue as a prominent colour, you may add pink flowers or a yellow tone vase or maybe a subtle painting on the wall to balance the overall look.

This blog is a part of my Home Décor series for April under the #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge.