D- Drape Game

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The curtain or drape of the room is often seen as a game-changer. They not only give your room a complete look but also enhance its overall aesthetics. As much as the art of finding the right window treatment is fun, it often is equally confusing.

But before we begin talking about it, let’s first understand the difference between a curtain and a drape.


Similar to curtains, drapes are the fabric panels used as a window treatment. These are usually lined or made from this fabric, heavy enough to block the sunlight or light from outside. Drapes are usually picked up in solid colours. The heavy material of the drapes makes it an ideal pick for bedroom use. These would be your best pick if you like to blackout your room for deep sleep, especially during the daytime.

While there are many styles and colors available in the market, drapes (also known as draperies) are usually kept simple. These are not heavily pleated; unlike the curtains. Drapes often are paired with sheer or lightweight curtains. Some of the most common and favorite fabrics used for the drapes are velvet or damask. These panels are long enough to reach from the top of the window to the floor.


Curtains are fabric panels that are most commonly found in Indian households. These could vary from colour to style and from prints to the fabric. Curtains usual do not have lining and are light-weighted, as compared to the drapes. It is very interesting to know that curtains can be of different sizes, as per the need of the room. Some of the most common types of curtains founds in India are:-

  1. Sheer Curtain:- Light-weightier, semi-transparent fabric that diffuses light while giving you some privacy as well.
  2. Valance:- These are the length of decorative drapery hung above a window to screen the curtain fittings.
  3. Curtain Tier:- These are cover fabrics/ curtains that usually cover the lower half of the window. You must have seen these in your grandma’s kitchen.
How to pick the right drape/ curtain
Understand the tone

Before you decide on the colour to pick for your curtains or drapes, it is recommended to understand the aesthetics of the room. If your furniture is dark in tone, you may neutralise the room’s essence by adding neutral colour curtains; and vis-a-versa. This would create a balance in the decor; giving your room a visually appealing look. Understand the tone and the colour that would complement your room’s decor and then head to the store.

Print Or Plain

There are many options available in the stores for you to pick your best. It is up to you to decide whether you have a liking for prints or solids when it comes down to the curtains. I, being an old school, always prefer solids, but you may decide as per your home aesthetics. Many interior designers suggest playing with prints and plains if you are adding layers of window treatment. Plain curtains layered with printed shades or visa-a-versa would be an apt example of this.


The material of the curtain plays a vital role in the look of the room. Whenever deciding on the fabric the following factors should be taken into consideration.
1. Sunlight:- The amount of sunlight you wish to stream in the room is one of the prominent factors to decide on the fabric.
2. Weather:- You may wish to pick a lighter and sheer curtain during the summers to help it feel breezy. Whereas a heavier fabric would be an apt pick during the winters.
3. Aesthetics:- The decor of the room plays a vital role in deciding the curtain/ drape. A heavy fabric would work for a traditionally or heavily accessorised home. While a light weighted fabric would complement a minimal or a boho decor setup.

Drapes could be a game-changer for your decor. It’s simply choosing the right one. Trust your instinct and see what works for you. Happy decorating..!

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