Picking Up The Right Activity Wear

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Whether you are running a marathon, sweating it out on the treadmill or channeling your inner peace through yoga, you need the right wardrobe to keep yourself comfortable. it’s important to choose the right outfit for the activity you are performing and for the conditions you will be performing it in. So here are a few essentials for a fitness outfit.


Climatic conditions/ weather plays an important role, specially if you are exercising in the open. An outfit that allows air to cool your body and let the sweat evaporate, is the right choice. Hence, choose loose clothes in lighter shades to resist sun rays heat up your body further.

In cold climatic conditions, opt for wearing layered clothes so that you have an option of removing a layer if you heat up and adding one if you become cold from sweat.

SUPPORTIVE BRA (For all you women out there)

Before you hit the gym, your yoga/ jumba class or even your morning jogs, it’s important to pick the right & supportive sports bra that is made to endure taxing workouts. The areas to keep keep in mind while picking up one is are the under band, straps and cups. The under band should be leveled properly and there should be a 1-2 inch give, if you pull the under band. The strap must fit properly to all the areas without causing any discomfort. Just like the under band, there should be a room of 1-2 inch when pulled. And last but most important are the cups. The cups of the sports bra should fit on properly and firmly. There should absolutely be no bulging; and if you experience the same, probably you need to go on a bigger cup size. And just in case you experience crimps on the cups, it’s time to come down on a size or two.


Want to flaunt your style even at your workout session? Opt for the right legging. The perfect pair of of fitness pants or leggings should be well fitted and hugs your body in just the right place. Pick a piece made of flexible, stretchy fabric that allows you to move and workout at ease. Go for breathable snug leggings made of cotton, lycra or spandex that allows your body the access to some air. The peppy bright colored & printed leggings are the new talk of the town. So just jum out of your old black leggings and hit the gym with the trendy geometrical or abstract print leggings in bold colors.


Tank tops are a must have for all you women hitting the gym. It’s probably the most versatile piece that can be paired with your yoga pants, leggings, skirts, shorts… almost anything. Either wear it on it’s own or pair it over a sports bra or under a sweatshirt; the choice is yours.


A pair of comfortable sneakers is all that  you need for your feet here. Add a pair of cute & comfortable sneakers to your wardrobe and you are sorted. With bold & floral colors & prints available in the market, these can be easily worn inside & outside your workout area. Pair your stylish sneakers with your snug leggings inside the gym and with a shift dress outside to flaunt your workout glow.

So ladies, next time you hit the gym or your fitness area, make sure you nail it with both your workout & style.