How my father-in-law’s response changed my outlook towards life…

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“So this is about an event that is happening in Mumbai and we would love you to be a part of it. This event is about the launch of the new range of a brand and you are invited to be a part of this event”. These lines from the other end of the phone were nothing less than a dream. I had been in the blogging field for about 3 years and had attended “n” number of events but this one was a little too good to believe. Attending the events and launches in the city meant managing Kyara for 2-3 hours at a friend’s or my mom’s place (as my MIL manages the family business). But attending an event in Mumbai meant leaving Kyara for 2 days; but where? My mind was struggling with this question while the lady on the other end continued to brief me the details. I asked for a time of 2-3 hours to take or reject the offer as I had to figure out a way, which honestly I didn’t think I would find. Disconnecting the call, I went straight to my MIL and told her about the offer. She didn’t have an objection but then dad’s (FIL) approval was the most tricky part and I was super conscious to ask.

As he returned from work, I could only wait for the time he had a glass of water and then told him about this offer. While I was somewhat confident that he wouldn’t agree to this as it’s difficult to manage work at office without mom (MIL), his answer made my eyes go teary. “You have been handling our kid (my husband) so well from last 5 years, can’t we manage your kid for 2 days? Don’t worry. Just go for it and have a lovely time there. Also, don’t forget to enjoy your “Me” time.” These words from him made me realize that life is not all about following the rules and walking straight; it’s about living it to the fullest.

Those 2 days in Mumbai were one of the most amazing days of my life because it was after 5 long years that I had these 2 days just for myself. Being a mother and a wife doesn’t mean that all your time should be there’s. It’s important to add a little fun, a little chatpatapan to your life. We at times, with the burden of responsibilities on our shoulders, forget to enjoy our lives the way we used to do during our childhood. After being parents, we always think black and white. Things are either right or wrong in our parameters. But do we ever stop for a while and think about enjoying our lives in the manner we used to do earlier. Jumping in the muddy puddles, flying a kite, dancing in the rain, plucking raw mangoes from the trees; have we ever thought of doing these after growing up? At least I didn’t until I was made to realize the fun of adding a little “chatpatapan” in our lives.

We are 3 siblings and chaat was probably are stapled food. I still remember buying a packet of Kurkure and making a chaat with it and raw mangoes that we plucked from our neighbor’s mango tree while they were catching on with their afternoon nap. Mom used to prepare fresh juice for us while we use used to have a little picnic in our garden on the weekends.  Now that we have grown up, those picnics have somewhat lost its existence. When do we now think of doing such an act or even spending some time doing what we like? The other day my mom sent me a video by Kurkure which was all about retaining the “chatpatapan” in your life and having some time for yourself and your likings.

The video somewhat made me recall this incident of going to Mumbai and how my father in law made me understand the importance of my time just by those simple yet fun filed words, so just thought of putting this into words. Ups and downs, responsibilities and duties are surely a part of life but living it to the fullest is the key. Do watch this video and tell me how you manage some “Me time” in your life while managing your duties.