5 Ways to Prep Your Home for Overnight Guest

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Whether you are planning to host your guests for a while or for a few weeks, it surely needs some preparations. It is very important to make your guest feel comfortable and relaxed during their stay at your place and the best way to go about it is to take some inspirations from your favorite hotel room. Your house, your guestroom, family room and even your kitchen should be prepared well before. It isn’t a rocket science. A few tips to adopt and you’ll be all set to host your guests.

Guest Room

The first thing you should prepare is your guest room. The place should be cozy and comfortable for your guest to have a peaceful stay. Choose a room which has the minimal access to the outdoor noise. Make sure to stock the room with an iron, a water bottle, a few spare hangers and a note with the WI-FI password for the comfort of your guest. Make sure that your guest bathroom is as prepared as any other place. Add some personal care stuff like Q-tips, safety pins, Band-Aids, just-in-case medicines and a small scissors. You may also add a swing kit for any garment emergency. Always add some extra toilet rolls and bathroom tissues to avoid the awkwardness of the guest asking for the same. Sufficient bath and hand towels stock should go without staying.

I have also make a point to set up a coffee station for the guest in their room. There may be times when your guest might want to grab their morning drink in bed and you always should be ready to provide them with that comfort. Also, never forget to add some fresh flowers or a small plant in the room to bring a little freshness and life to the space.

Play Room for Kids

If you are expecting guests with young kids, it needs some extra preparations to keep your little guests happy and engaged. Try and set up a play space for the kids with some basic toys and board games.

If you do not have a separate play room, make a cozy corner in your living room itself. Stock the room with the games appropriate to the age of the kids. Try not to add video games or play stations to the lot for there might be parents who wouldn’t want their kids to get engaged with gadgets.

Dining Room

Dining area for me is one of the most crucial place to prepare before your guests arrive at the table. Lay the table with some basic cutlery and DO NOT go overboard with showing your knowledge. There might be guest who wouldn’t be very comfortable with using all the cutlery in their supposed manner and you do not want to make them feel uncomfortable.

Lay a simple and uniformed theme table with a few basic things and the rest of the cutlery can be kept in the center of the table to be used as per the convenience.

There also are some basic rules of serving. One of them is to always divide s dish into two serving platters or bowls so that everyone on the table has an access to it and the passing-on game is avoided while dining.  


This is India and we have to enter our guest’s kitchen by default. Coz if you don’t, you aren’t Sanskari enough (if you know what I mean). So it becomes extremely important for you to prepare your kitchen before the arrival of your guest. Keep the kitchen clean and stocked. There might be times where you might need to cook something at the last minute and especially when you have kids over. It’s, hence, becomes extremely important for you stock up your pantry beforehand. Try and keeps some dry fruits, mint candies and other mouth fresheners accessible for your guest.

Living Room

Your living room should be the coziest place of your house for this is a place you might want to sit in and have those late night chats and coffees with your guest. Keep an option of both bright lighting and dim night lights in the space. Have ample number of cushions for you all. You may also add some throw blankets on the sofas for an extra comfort. Try and keep the coffee table in your living room equipped with some candies, a nice fragrance candle and some reading material (just in case).

These little preparations will not just make the stay of your guest comfortable but also will help you avoid the last minute rush to provide your guests with their needs.

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Happy Hosting…!!