Common Home Décor Mistakes That You Might Be Making

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We all know that a beautiful and neat home can do wonders to your mood, body and soul. Entering into a neat and well decorated home instantly lifts up our mood. And this is exactly why we love decorating our little nests (and this specially goes for us women). But has this ever happened with you that a room or area you put together did not come out to be the same as we planned? It has surely happened with me and I have learnt my lesson the hard way. So here I am, listing a few mistakes that I made while decorating my home and the solutions for it.

Following a Reference Image Blindly

Home décor is a science and you cannot really blindly follow a picture without knowing your space. I honestly learnt it the hard way when I bought 10 meters of cloth (looking at an image on Pinterest) for my sofa cover which I later discovered was not an apt one. It is extremely important to understand your space, your needs and the durability of your décor before you plan it for your home. Many a times the décor images on the internet might now be practical for your daily needs.  You may take a few references but plan your space as per your needs. An extremely delicate décor might not be a very good option with a toddler at your place.

Hanging Small Pieces of Art on Large Walls

Understand the sizing game will win you half of the battle. Do not hang small pieces of art on large walls. You need to understand the requirements of your wall and the kind of artwork you need to add there. If you have a completely modern décor at your place, avoid adding a traditional art work on the wall. You may add a contemporary piece or a modern art to complement the place. It is also recommended to hang the art at eye level. Now since the eye level for people could be different, you may take an average eye level (which could be 57 inches) from the floor.

Hanging the Curtains To Close To the Window

We all do that and so have I. When we decide to add curtains to the room, we (at times) hang the curtains too low and quite narrow which surely tampers the beauty of the room. You do not need expensive and heavy drapes to make your room look chic. Go for straight and simple curtains that are hung quite high and swing as low as almost brushing the floor.

Picking a Rug that’s Too Small for the Space

As I said before, understanding your space is very important before to head to the market. It is a blunder if you think (just like I used to) that a rug should only satisfy the space under the table. A rug is the soul of the room. Make sure that the rug you choose sticks out on all sides it sits on and you have a lot of rug showing. Choose a neutral color of the rug so that it works for you in all the seasons. A dark colored rug might just be a little too much to handle during the summers.

Sticking To One Texture

Adding different textures to the décor is like adding spark to it. Do not just stick to one texture of fabric to break the monotony of the room. When you decide to add cushions, play with different fabrics and textures. Use a completely different texture while picking up the throw blanket for your living room to make it stand out. When opting for prints, do add different but complementary pieces. You may also add some plains o help things gel well.

Having Everything of the Same Height

Not everyone knows that adding pieces of different heights will make your décor stand out. “Different heights and pieces” should be the mantra to follow when you decide to décor your coffee table, consoles, or corners. You may add a base to a piece to change to manipulate its height. When picking up a candle, understand the place and the height needed and then choose your light. Placing the pieces according to this mantra will help each item to stand out and assemble the area wisely without maki9ng it look clutter.

Multiple or No Focus Point

We all love adding attractive decoration pieces to our homes. But before we do that we need to understand that a room should ideally have only one piece that is the hero and has to stand out. Do not over stuff your place with too much of stuff and especially when it comes to adding contemporary or antiques for you do not want your house to look like an art gallery or a vintage shop.