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When you sit down to have a meal with friends or family; at a restaurant or at home, a formal or an informal, all you expect to have a fun and an enjoyable time.  Although any time with your loved ones is a special one but the time spent together at the dinner table is a time to jell well. While being at the table, it is extremely important to have a tailor-made conversation, for any and every conversation might not be pertinent. Here are a few topics to avoid even a mention while being at the dinner table with others.

Personal Questions are Verboten

You can never, ever ask about anyone’s personal life; especially on a dinner table. Personal conversations are meant for a personal space which dinner table can absolutely never be. Secondly a personal question might not be liked by the other and this can certainly spoil the mood of the evening. So it is better to restrict such topics.

Politics and Religion

The concept of religion, believes and politics have different meanings for people. Bringing up such controversial topics are most likely to trigger an argument at the table, which is not just mood tampering for the one’s involved but also creates an awkwardness amongst the others sitting. Although I personally prefer not bring up such topics at a get together at all, but if it has to, this should be discussed before the dinner; maybe over drinks.

Toss the Pricing

We all visit the markets and have a good knowledge of prices but discussing it over dinner is not a very good idea. When we discuss about the price of a product, it (at times) may appear to be flouting your status or maybe letting down the other. Be very careful when bringing up a topic that may lead to the price discussion and if that situation arises at all, try to end it as soon as possible with least words possible.

Parenting Tips are uncalled for

New parents or old parents, everyone knows how to manage their kids. Dinner table isn’t a very good place to pull out your suggestion guns. Try not to give parenting or any other tips which aren’t asked for. Instructing or suggesting others may seem as deteriorating their own skills. Try to keep the discussion a very general one while being on a common table with others.

Gossips are forbidden

On the dining table or off the table, gossiping in public is forbidden. When we talk about basic dining etiquettes, no gossiping probably comes at the very first place. A party or a get together isn’t the right place to bring out such topics for it is most likely to trigger an argument at the moment or even later. To make the evening a fun filled one, try to maintain the conversations around general topics which are liked by everyone.

Every Joke isn’t Funny

Jokes are a part of every fun evening, especially with friends and this goes without saying. But it is crucial to draw a limit to it. Not every joke is funny or can be taken in a fun manner by the other. What might be funny for you could be offensive for the other and the evening might turn bitter. So is wise to still to general topics like music, fashion or food that can be enjoyed by everyone.

A conversation has the power make and ruin your evening…

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