Insoluble Stories of COVID-19

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“So, I’ll now have a story to narrate to my grandchildren”.  This is the most common line I have, after encountering any unusual event. Amongst all of that, what I would first be telling to my grandchildren is everything known about COVID-19. From those 3 months under lockdown to the time we spent together as a family for the very first time; from the fear of the unknown to losing my grandfather to it, I (in fact, we all) have so much to say and tell. But there still prevails a few mysteries about COVID-19 that stands unsolved till date. 

It’s Origin

India demands comprehensive, expert-led mechanism to investigate origin of  Covid-19 - Coronavirus Outbreak News
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After almost 16 months of living with the deadly virus, we still are unsure of the origin of it. Following a month-long investigation in china, the WHO investigators concluded that the virus probably originated in bats which was passed on to human’s through an intermediate animal. While the source still remains a mystery till date, the virus meanwhile shows its different colors to the word with its frequent waves. 

Long-term Consequences of COVID-19

Short-term decisions with long-term consequences | by Natalia Walters |  Fluxx Studio Notes | Medium
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You would often find people saying that COVID-19 just as like the usual cold & cough which can be easily contradicted by those who have suffered from it. While the virus shows different reaction and symptoms amongst different people, there still is a large group of people complaining about facing different health issues even months after recovering from the illness. While the scientist and the medical experts are trying to get into the roots of the virus, the long-term effects of the illness still remain a mystery. 


COVID-19 immunity and reinfection: why it's still essential to take  precautions
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While people round the globe believe that the chances of reinfection with the virus is slim, the health experts still aren’t ready to stamp it. Reinfection with SARS-CoV2 has been a subject of an open scientific discussion for months now. While the result of some research claims that the anti-bodies in an individual only last for around 3 months post revering from COVID-19, only a handful of people have been found to get re-infected by the virus. Though the future may hold the truth, as of now, the answers a mystery. 

Variants of COVID-19

Understanding the New COVID-19 Variants, and How to Fight Them
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As if COVID-19 was easy to handle that we now have variants for it. From the US variant of COVID-19 which was officially known variant B.1.427, B.1.429, found in March’20 to the U.K. variant known as B.1.1.7, found in December’20, we have quite a few variants of the virus. While a few variants are said to succumb to the environment, the others originate to sustain. The world, including India, is fighting against these variants, being totally unaware of the longevity of this war.