Questions Around Michael Jackson’s Death

If Hip Hop is the latest trend, Pop music has been the love of generations; and so is the king of pop Michael Jackson. A man who emerged as a paragon entertainment had everything loved about him. From his music to his dance moves, from his fashion choices to even his pet chimpanzee Bubbles, the world adored everything that Jackson had to offer. And when the news of his unfortunate demise broke on June 25th, 2009, the world went into deep shock. Some cried their hearts out in pain and some in speculation of a conspiracy; but the death of Michael Jackson has been a mystery for many, for years. Here are a few theories that popped up behind the death of this pop-sensation.

Financial Instability?

Michael Jackson 'struggled to pay crippling debts of £250million in last  years of life', says accountant - Mirror Online

Jackson, at the time of his death, was said to be under a huge debt. At the time of the demise of the pop star, he was somewhere between $400 to $500 million in debt. Owing to that, it was brought up by many that Jackson faked his own death to get rid of the huge prevailing debt. Although, this theory wasn’t digested by many, it still made huge headlines.

Was Michael’s Death a Murder?

How did Michael Jackson die? Cause of the singer's death aged 50 – and what  happened after

Soon after the demise of Michael, several theories of this being a murder popped up globally. Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson, in an interview in 2017, alleged that her father was indeed murdered. Amongst all the murder stories, what truly came across prominently was the association of the illegit secret society called the Illuminati. While a few suspected Michael to be a member of the society, others considered him to be vexatious for the group. Another theory that rose around the same time was by Jackson’s sister La Toya Jackson where she indicated business interests to be a reason behind the murder, however the authenticity of the claims still remain unsure.

Did Jackson Even Die?

Rock With Michael Jackson (Again) | Time

Soon after the news of Michaels death broke to the world, a border patrolling office at the Mexico- California border made claims of having seen Michael crossing the border in the same times. Though the theory was not backed up by any other witness, the authorities yet made an unsuccessful attempt to find the traces of the pop-star in Mexico. 

Whatever the truth behind Michael Jackson’s death may be, the Pop-sensation and the global icon has left behind a void that cannot be filled.