Riddle of the 9/11 Attack

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As much as we trying knowing everything, there still emerges a few things that we often hunt an answer for. And one of such is the mystery behind the attack of 9/11. It has been more than 18 years yet there are a few things that I still am unsure about. Here are 3 mysteries of the 9/11 that still stand unsolved for me. 

What was the actual target?

United found not liable for alleged 9/11 security lapse
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While 2 planes, out of the 4 domestic flights that were hijacked, were piloted to the twin towers in the New York city, the third was structed at the south-west side of Pentagon, a large five-sided building in Arlington county, Virginia that serves as the headquarters of the U.S. Department of Defense (including all three military service i.e. Army, Navy, and Air Force). The forth plane, however, was crashed near Pennsylvania after the passengers of the plane allegedly tried to regain the control of the aircraft. The target, hence, of this plane has been a mystery ever since.

Why and how did the buildings collapse so quickly?

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Several discussions, debate and investigations have gone into finding the accurate reason to the collapse of the twin towers within half-an-hour of the attack. There were approximately 2735 people who lost their lives in the attack and people have always wondered about the number of lives that would have been saved had the tower not collapsed immediately or at all. While a few investigations revealed that the fuel of the plane exaggerated the fire and resulted in the rise of temperature inside the building to almost 1000 degree Celsius, which made the building collapse; there are some theories who pointed towards the architecture of the building that was designed to prevent the building falling over the neighboring and rather collapse in itself. Whatever the truth might be, we probably would never be able to know the exact reason. 

Was the attack preventable?

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At several points in time and debates it has emerged out prominently that it was as early as July, 2001 that the FAA has issued a warning to the airlines to be alert for a terror and hijack act being planned. In the month of August’2001, the CIA had reportedly informed the then president about Al-Queda’s plan on an airplane hijack. The information kept floating between the authorities and departments till the terror act took a physical shape. People around the globe, especially the families of the victims raise the question on the possibility of prevention of this attack.