Jam-Packed Easter Dinner during Quarantine

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It’s a holy week; a week where we celebrating the resurrection of Christ. Good Friday and Easter Sunday are probably the most celebrated days for Christians. Easter is a day of joy, celebration, prayers and feast. Many Christians view Easter as the greatest feast of the Church year but in the times we are, how really our Easter Sunday is going to look like? Most of us are locked-down in our homes with no fancy things available to really make our Easter meals look as jazzy as it earlier use to. But amidst these times, there can definitely be a different and simple way to celebrate while staying at homes. So here are a few tips to make your Easter Sunday celebration a fun filled one.

Let’s Start With Meal

Try to prepare a meal with what you have in store. Explore your pantry and prepare dishes which are easy, hassle free yet tempting. I’m here mentioning a few that I have plans of preparing tomorrow, for these things are in already in my pantry.

Basra Kababs

Basra Kababs are a great option for Easter dinner while being in quarantine (of course if you have chicken). These are really simple and quick to make with the use of less ingredients and not much of cooking time is required. Most of the ingredients are readily available at all Indian homes. You can view the recipe here

Peri-Peri Roll

Peri- Peri Chicken Roll is a super easy, quick and handy recipe for your parties, get-together or even for an Easter Sunday snack. This role can be prepared both with and without chicken. Peri-Peri Chicken Roll and Pari-Peri Paneer Roll are a good option with is both yummy and filling.  This wrap is made with Roomali roties but you can make it with tortillas as well. While tortillas are easily available in any store, roomali rotis are quite easy to prepare at home.

Tango Chicken

Tango chicken is one of my favorite picks when it comes to preparing a quick yet delicious meal. Most of the ingredients would be available at home but if any isn’t, this recipe is super understanding and can be modified as per the availability and convenience. You can get the recipe here.

Pizza to the Rescue

Pizza is life, at least for me. It is the most liked dish by all aged people. While I understand that a pizza base could be difficult to get during the lockdown phase, you can switch the pizza base with bread and make a bread pizza (on pan or in oven). Simply spread the pizza topping (homemade or canned) on the bread and top it up with vegetables & mozzarella cheese. Bake it on pan toast it and you are good to go.

Let the Drinks Flow

Mateus Peach Sangria

This is an alcoholic drink that can be served at both lunch and dinner time. While rosé is every wine lovers favorite, sangria has its special place on their taste buds. This is a simple yet a fabulous sangria to serve it for the Eater Sunday lunch or dinner. This is a simple cocktail to make if you have all the ingredients present at home. You can get the recipe here.

Endless Spring Breeze

Summers are round the corner and nothing beats your heat strokes than a cool and refreshing drink. You most trusted partners in this fight against heat are fruits. So here is a simple, easy and quick cooler recipe that can be made at home with simple ingredients and yummiest taste. This is a best option to serve the kids, for it has fresh fruits with pump and has utmost health benefits (of course with a binge). You can get the recipe here.

Love-Side Romeo

With limited means and options, this is the most amazing cocktail to offer. While this drink can be made both with and without vodka, it is a great option for your Easter Meal time. Simple ingredients like Pomegranate, orange, lime and vodka, this drinks is quite handy during the lockdown phase. You can get the recipe here.